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Encoder Configuration

See the Encoders feature page for more details, including instructions for adding encoder support to a board.

See Configuration Overview for instructions on how to change these settings.

EC11 Encoders


Definition file: zmk/app/drivers/sensor/ec11/Kconfig

CONFIG_EC11boolEnable EC11 encodersn
CONFIG_EC11_THREAD_PRIORITYintPriority of the encoder thread10
CONFIG_EC11_THREAD_STACK_SIZEintStack size of the encoder thread1024

If CONFIG_EC11 is enabled, exactly one of the following options must be set to y:

CONFIG_EC11_TRIGGER_NONEboolNo trigger (encoders are disabled)
CONFIG_EC11_TRIGGER_GLOBAL_THREADboolProcess encoder interrupts on the global thread
CONFIG_EC11_TRIGGER_OWN_THREADboolProcess encoder interrupts on their own thread


Applies to: compatible = "alps,ec11"

Definition file: zmk/app/drivers/zephyr/dts/bindings/sensor/alps,ec11.yaml

labelstringUnique label for the node
a-gpiosGPIO arrayGPIO connected to the encoder's A pin
b-gpiosGPIO arrayGPIO connected to the encoder's B pin
resolutionintNumber of encoder pulses per tick1