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Introduction to ZMK

ZMK Firmware is an open source (MIT) keyboard firmware built on the Zephyr™ Project Real Time Operating System (RTOS). ZMK's goal is to provide a modern, wireless, and powerful firmware free of licensing issues.


ZMK is currently missing some features found in other popular firmware. This table compares the features supported by ZMK, BlueMicro and QMK:

Legend:✅ Supported🚧 Under Development💡 Planned
Low Latency BLE Support✅✅
Multi-Device BLE Support✅
USB Connectivity✅✅✅
User Configuration Repositories✅
Split Keyboard Support✅✅✅
Keymaps and Layers✅✅✅
Hold-Tap (which includes Mod-Tap and Layer-Tap)✅✅✅
Keyboard Codes✅✅✅
Media & Consumer Codes✅✅✅
Display Support2🚧🚧✅
RGB Underglow✅✅✅
One Shot Keys✅✅✅
Combo Keys✅✅
Mouse Keys🚧✅✅
Low Active Power Usage✅
Low Power Sleep States✅✅
Low Power Mode (VCC Shutoff)✅✅
Battery Reporting✅✅
Shell over BLE💡
Realtime Keymap Updating💡✅
AVR/8 Bit✅
Wide Range of ARM Chips Supported✅

Code of Conduct​

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


  1. Tap-Dances are limited to single and double-tap on BlueMicro ↩

  2. OLEDs are currently proof of concept in ZMK. ↩