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Power Management Configuration

See Configuration Overview for instructions on how to change these settings.


Configuration for entering low power modes when the keyboard is idle.

In the idle state, peripherals such as displays and lighting are disabled, but the keyboard remains connected to Bluetooth so it can immediately respond when you press a key.

In the deep sleep state, the keyboard additionally disconnects from Bluetooth and any external power output is disabled. This state uses very little power, but it may take a few seconds to reconnect after waking.


Definition file: zmk/app/Kconfig

CONFIG_ZMK_IDLE_TIMEOUTintMilliseconds of inactivity before entering idle state30000
CONFIG_ZMK_SLEEPboolEnable deep sleep supportn
CONFIG_ZMK_IDLE_SLEEP_TIMEOUTintMilliseconds of inactivity before entering deep sleep900000

External Power Control

Driver for enabling or disabling power to peripherals such as displays and lighting. This driver must be configured to use power management behaviors.


Definition file: zmk/app/Kconfig

CONFIG_ZMK_EXT_POWERboolEnable support to control external power outputy


Applies to: compatible = "zmk,ext-power-generic"

labelstringUnique label for the node
control-gpiosGPIO arrayList of GPIOs which should be active to enable external power
init-delay-msintnumber of milliseconds to delay after initializing the driver