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Keymap Configuration

See Configuration Overview for instructions on how to change these settings.



Applies to: compatible = "zmk,keymap"

Definition file: zmk/app/dts/bindings/zmk,keymap.yaml

The zmk,keymap node itself has no properties. It should have one child node per layer of the keymap, starting with the default layer (layer 0).

Each child node can have the following properties:

display-namestringName for the layer on displays
bindingsphandle-arrayList of key behaviors, one per key
sensor-bindingsphandle-arrayList of sensor behaviors, one per sensor

Items for bindings must be listed in the order the keys are defined in the keyboard scan configuration.

Items for sensor-bindings must be listed in the order the sensors are defined.

Keymap Sensors


Applies to: compatible = "zmk,keymap-sensors"

sensorsphandlesList of sensor nodes

The following types of nodes can be used as a sensor: