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Backlight Configuration

See the backlight feature page for more details, including instructions for adding backlight support to a board.

See Configuration Overview for instructions on how to change these settings.


Definition file: zmk/app/Kconfig

CONFIG_ZMK_BACKLIGHTboolEnables LED backlightn
CONFIG_ZMK_BACKLIGHT_BRT_STEPintBrightness step in percent20
CONFIG_ZMK_BACKLIGHT_BRT_STARTintDefault brightness in percent40
CONFIG_ZMK_BACKLIGHT_ON_STARTboolDefault backlight statey
CONFIG_ZMK_BACKLIGHT_AUTO_OFF_IDLEboolTurn off backlight when keyboard goes into idle staten
CONFIG_ZMK_BACKLIGHT_AUTO_OFF_USBboolTurn off backlight when USB is disconnectedn

The *_START settings only determine the initial backlight state. Any changes you make with the backlight behavior are saved to flash after a one minute delay and will be used after that.


Applies to: /chosen node

zmk,backlightpathThe node for the backlight LED driver to use

See the Zephyr devicetree bindings for LED drivers:

See the backlight feature page for examples of the properties that must be set to enable backlighting.