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ZMK uses pre-commit to check for common errors and make sure the codebase is formatted consistently.

Pre-commit is run on every pull request. You can also install it locally to get the same checks run on every commit you make before you submit a pull request.

Installing pre-commit

Open a terminal and run:

pip3 install pre-commit

If this doesn't work, make sure Python is installed and try again.

Enabling Commit Hooks

Now that pre-commit is installed on your PC, you need to install it into the ZMK repo to enable it. Open a terminal to the ZMK repo directory and run:

pre-commit install

This should print a message such as

pre-commit installed at .git\hooks\pre-commit

Pre-commit will now automatically check your changes whenever you run git commit. If it detects a problem, it will describe the problem and cancel the commit. For simple problems such as incorrect formatting, it will also automatically fix the files so you can just git add them and try again.

Automatically Enabling pre-commit

Pre-commit can be configured to automatically install itself into any newly cloned repository, so you don't have to remember to run pre-commit install. See the pre-commit documentation for instructions.