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Zephyr 3.0 Update Preparation

· One min read
Pete Johanson

As preparation for completing the work to upgrade ZMK to Zephyr 3.0, users with user config repositories who wish to avoid future build failures with their GitHub Actions workflows can take steps to adjust their repositories now.

GitHub Actions needs to use our latest Docker image to ensure continued compatibility with the ZMK codebase on Zephyr 3.0 (and beyond). You should:

  • Open .github/workflows/build.yml in your editor/IDE
  • Change zmkfirmware/zmk-build-arm:2.5 to zmkfirmware/zmk-build-arm:stable wherever it is found

Once the changes are committed and pushed, the build will run as expected.

A future blog post will outline the complete Zephyr 3.0 changes once that work is finalized.


If you created your user config repository a while ago, you may find that your build.yml file instead references a zephyr-west-action-arm custom GitHub Action instead. In this case, the upgrade is not as direct. We suggest that instead you re-create your config repository to get an updated setup using the new automation approach.